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Lake Manyara: Lake Manyara National Park stretches in Tanzania’s rainforest at the foot of The Great Rift Valley. Not only has the park attracted predators; it also has become home for huge colonies of pink flamingos whose number amazes even experienced travelers. The thick pink spot along the shore reflected from the water surface seems to raise many folds their already huge population.

Lake Manyara: More than 400 kinds of birds inhabit the park, some of which can be found only in Tanzania in Manyara Park. Pelicans and storks, ibises and cranes, cormorants, and marabous are all living in this small park. There is a great number of ancient bird families such as hornbills. As in other well-known parks of Tanzania you will certainly meet zebras, buffalos, elephants, giraffes, lions, and many other representatives of the African fauna.

Interesting Facts about Lake Manyara: Colonies of pink flamingos migrate from one lake to another throughout the year coming to Lake Manyara National Park in the period from June to September. As their abode they choose the mudflats where crustaceans, which are their main diet, live. Without it their feathers have grey-white color. While newly hatched flamingos are always grey, they become pink as they get older – in a year, thanks to the pigment carotene which is contained in their food.

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